EMHS Swine Week 2015 Total

Edmond Memorial’s annual community service project, Swine Week, began in 1986 when a small group of students decided to raise money for a friend in need. The students approached the principal, who supported the endeavor and even agreed to kiss a pig. $3,000 was raised, the principal kissed a pig, and Swine Week was born. 

Flash forward 32 years, and EMHS students have since raised over $5 million dollars for charity. Last year, we raised $479,801 for Make Promises Happen! Swine Week’s money was able to help The Isaiah Stone Foundation in providing grants to families who care for individuals with epilepsy. 

2018 Swine Week Recipient

2018 marks the 32nd year of serving our community through this philanthropic venture, and we would deeply appreciate your support in our mission to help this year’s recipient, Make Promises Happen, an organization dedicated to providing an outdoor oriented safe haven where all may come to retreat, reflect, have fun, and gain knowledge and skills which will nurture their lives. 

In the 1970s, a Campsite known as Central Christian Camp & Conference Center began hosting and directing camp for people with special needs. This grew into the amazing organization we know of now as Make Promises Happen (MPH). Make Promises Happen serves individuals locally, statewide, and regionally. They serve people of all ages 6 and over with all types of special needs. 

Common Thread Recipient:

Additionally, each year, all three Edmond High Schools choose one organization as a Common Thread to receive 5% of each school’s final totals. This year, our Common Thread recipient is the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma (DSACO). The purpose of the organization is aligned with its mission: “to raise awareness and provide resources, as well as promote acceptance and inclusion for people with Down syndrome.”



Amount Raised



1986 $3,000 Individual - Robin Orendorff Hogs & Kisses
1987 $3,200 Individual - Saxon Vandagriff Let the Mud Fly!
1988 $3,000 Individual - Ryan McCoy Ham It Up!
1989 $2,500 Individual - John Reason Who Framed Squigly Piggly?
1990 $3,200.00 Individual - Eddie McAffrey Swine Me, Dine Me in 1990
1991 $3,000.00 Individual - Andy Reynolds When Pigs Fly
1992 $3,700.00 Individual - Jessica Lacy Pork Chop, Pig Slop, Pigs Reek, Swine Week
1993 $4,900.00 Individual - Toby Harris Hogs & Dogs
1994 $10,000.00 Individual - Kyle Shahan Swine Time!
1995 $10,000.00 Individual - Yancy Bain Dogs Going Hog Wild
1996 $15,700.00 Individual - Zach Jackson Bringing Home the Bacon
1997 $27,600.00 Individual - Jane Vanhoose Hog Heaven in '97
1998 $60,000.00 Individual - Carson Scott Bacon on the Beach
1999 $85,000.00 Individual - Matt Adams Welc-Ham to the Jungle
2000 $120,000.00 Individual - Britton Burnett Mihami Vice
2001 $172,000.00 Individual - Jesslyn Keith Jurassic Pork
2002 $185,000.00 Individual - Jim Linam Pig Floyd: Pork Side of the Moon
2003 $143,000.00 Individual - Joshua Ashford Jabacon Me Crazy
2004 $129,000.00 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Brave Hog
2005 $141,653.00 Smile for a Child Mardi Hog
2006 $145,000.00 Hearts for Hearing Peter Ham
2007 $220,000.00 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation New Pork City
2008 $264,000.00 OK Family Center for Autism Viva Hog Vegas
2009 $318,000.00 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Pigelodeon
2010 $527,000.00 Jimmy Everest Children's Cancer Center Piggy Wonka
2011 $462,000.00 Oklahoma Children's Heart Center Hoggy Potter
2012 $475,709.00 Oklahoma Project Woman Pigsney World
2013 $353,011.00 Limbs for Life Star Boars
2014 $441,552.00 City Rescue Mission Monster's Oink
2015  $701,334.00 Angels Foster Family Network OKC


2016 $524,452.00 Calm Waters 30 for 30: History of Hogs



The Isaiah Stone Foundation

Toy Boary 



Make Promises Happen

Alice in Wonderham