Care Center chosen to be 2022 Swine Week Recipient

Limbs 4 Life chosen to be 2022 Common Thread

Memorial Raises $204,019 for Keaton’s Kindness Foundation!




Edmond Memorial High School Swine Week

What is Swine Week?

Edmond Memorial’s annual community service project, Swine Week, began in 1986 when a small group of students decided to raise money for a friend in need. The students approached the principal, who supported the endeavor and even agreed to kiss a pig. $3,000 was raised, the principal kissed a pig, and Swine Week was born. Flash forward 36 years, and EMHS students have since raised over $7 million dollars for charity. Last year, we raised $608,000 for The HALO Project! Swine Week’s money was able to help The HALO Project heal children in Oklahoma.

In order to achieve our fundraising goal for 2022, we need your help-now more than ever! We trust that our tradition of outrageous generosity will continue. This year, EMHS selected the CARE Center as the Swine Week recipient. To learn more visit


EMHS students have graciously devoted their time & money to help those in need. Please help us reach our goal and make our principal kiss a pig, a tradition since 1986.


Swine Week gives our community and student body one common goal – to help those in need. It involves the entire Edmond and Oklahoma City community.


Each year, Swine Week chooses a local nonprofit; this year we need your help raising money for our 2022 recipient, The Care Center.


EMHS is filled with selfless students, teachers, and administrators. EMHS is devoted to tradition, excellence, and helping others through Swine Week.


2022 Recipient

The Care Center

Last year, we raised over $200,000 for Keaton’s Kindness Foundation! Swine Week’s money was able to help spread kindness throughout our local community!

2022 marks the 37th year of serving our community through this philanthropic venture, and we would deeply appreciate your support in our mission to help this year’s recipient, The Care Center of OKC. The Care Center is Oklahoma County’s only child advocacy center. They are committed to helping children find their voice and begin to heal after abuse, as well as preventing child abuse through education.

The funds from Swine Week will help support The Care Center by providing an opportunity to hire and train more counselors in order to better serve children and families in our local community.

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