2021 Piggy Vision Mural

Below is this year’s Piggy Vision Mural painted by Art Club.


Mural Fun Facts:

– This mural took 26 volunteers a combined 136 hours to paint.

– It’s 16 ft. high and 24 ft. wide.

– It was completed in 7 days after school by EMHS Art Club members.



List of each student’s painting contribution by hour:

16 to 18 hours

Steven Porter

Kayla Crossen

8 to 9 hours

Kiara Grayson

Amelia Brown

4 to 5 hours 

Abigail Trejo

Emiliano Jimenez

Natali White

Joy Suttles

Karen Kushmaul

Sakura Exom

1 to 4 hours

Abbie Martin

Alexis Irwin

Brody Smith

Cali Chodrick

Chloe Wyatt

Danielle Preuss

Elyse Janzen

Evelyn Carpenter

Kieran Theys

Lilian Du

Maddie Wallace

Mary James

Monique Mclaughlin

Zaynub Ghias