Edmond Memorial’s annual community service project, Swine Week, began in 1986 when a small group of student council members decided that they wanted to make a difference in their school and community. They decided to raise money for a little girl who was in need of a kidney transplant. The students approached the principal, who supported the endeavor and even agreed to kiss a pig if they reached their total of $2,000, and in which they did, Swine Week was born.

Flash forward 36 years, and EMHS students have since raised over $7 million for charity. Last year, we raised $608,000 for The HALO Project! Swine Week’s money was able to help The HALO Project heal children in Oklahoma County.

2020 Swine Week Recipient

2020 marks the 35th year of serving our community through this philanthropic venture, and we would deeply appreciate your support in our mission to help this year’s recipient, Halo Project, a 10-week intensive outpatient intervention designed to meet the unique and diverse needs of children in foster care, children that have been adopted or children that exhibit difficulty in the area of attachment.

HALO Project relies heavily on the Trust Based Relational Intervention model created by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the TCU Institute of Child Development.

Families that participated in HALO Project experienced a decrease in relational frustration with their child, an increase in attachment, parenting confidence, and involvement.  Parents reported a decrease in problematic behaviors in their children and reported less frustration with the problematic behaviors.  Overall, all families reported an increase in compassion and understanding of their child and their unique history.

Common Thread Recipient:

This year, the three Edmond High Schools decided that we would try to unite for our 2021 philanthropy weeks. We came up with a plan to get 5% of our totals to each Edmond philanthropy week. Since the Coronavirus has caused such chaos in our community, we felt that it would be wonderful to bring the schools together.

YearAmount RaisedBeneficiaryTheme
2020$608,000The Halo ProjectHoggywood
2019$587,952Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma CountyDr. Sooie
2018$479,801Make Promises HappenAlice in Wonderham
2017$411,480The Isaiah Stone FoundationToy Boary
2016$524,452Calm Waters30 for 30: History of Hogs
2015$701,334Angels Foster Family Network OKCPigtendo
2014$441,552City Rescue MissionMonster's Oink
2013$353,011Limbs for LifeStar Boars
2012$475,709Oklahoma Project WomanPigsney World
2011$462,000Oklahoma Children's Heart CenterHoggy Potter
2010$527,000Jimmy Everest Children's Cancer CenterPiggy Wonka
2009$318,000Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationPigelodeon
2008$264,000OK Family Center for AutismViva Hog Vegas
2007$220,000Cystic Fibrosis FoundationNew Pork City
2006$145,000Hearts for HearingPeter Ham
2005$141,650Smile for a ChildMardi Hog
2004$129,000Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyBrave Hog
2003$143,000Individual - Joshua AshfordJabacon Me Crazy
2002$185,000Individual - Jim LinamPig Floyd: Pork Side of the Moon
2001$172,000Individual - Jesslyn KeithJurassic Pork
2000$120,000Individual - Britton BurnettMihami Vice
1999$85,000Individual - Matt AdamsWelc-Ham to the Jungle
1998$60,000Individual - Carson ScottBacon on the Beach
1997$27,600Individual - Jane VanhooseHog Heaven in '97
1996$15,700Individual - Zach JacksonBringing Home the Bacon
1995$10,000Individual - Yancy BainDogs Going Hog Wild
1994$10,000Individual - Kyle ShahanSwine Time!
1993$4,900Individual - Toby HarrisHogs & Dogs
1992$3,700Individual - Jessica LacyPork Chop, Pig Slop, Pigs Reek, Swine Week
1991$3,000Individual - Andy ReynoldsWhen Pigs Fly
1990$3,200Individual - Eddie McAffreySwine Me, Dine Me in 1990
1989$2,500Individual - John ReasonWho Framed Squiggly Piggly?
1988$3,000Individual - Ryan McCoyHam It Up!
1987$3,200Individual - Saxon VandagriffLet the Mud Fly!
1986$3,000Individual - Robin OrendoffHogs & Kisses