Student Royalty Swine Week Events

2019 Royalty Events

January 2019

Saturday, January 19th: Royalty Dinner

  • Location: Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Time: 6pm-8pm
    • We want ALL of you to come and enjoy the evening filled with games, food, and relaxing. This is simply to get everyone into the Swine Week spirit because we know things can get crazy during this time!

 Saturday, January 26th: Dog Show

  • Location: The Main Gym
  • Time: 1pm-3pm
    • We would love for you all to enter your dogs in this dog show. You can sell piggy pastries and any SW Merch as well!!! 

February 2019

Friday, February 8th: Daddy Daughter

  • Location: Lower Commons
  • Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • This is one of our biggest events. We NEED royalty members selling piggy pastries and encouraging dads and daughters to come to the dance. 

Friday, February 15th: Auction

  • Location: Hilton Garden Inn and Edmond Conference Center
  • Time: 6pm-9pm
    • ** Reference Auction sheet for MANDATORY requirements ** 

Sunday, February 17th: Dodgeball Tournament

  • Location: Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County
  • Time: 2pm-5pm
    • We need royalty members selling piggy pastries, SW Merch, and water bottles. We also will ask that you work to form teams and get the student body to form teams! We will be competing against Boys & Girls Clubs members so this is a wonderful way to connect with the organization. 

Tuesday, February 19th: Bubble Soccer

  • Location: Myra Court- Highway Patrol
  • Time: 6pm-8:30
    • Come to this event and sell piggy pastries, SW Merch, and water bottles! We also encourage you to make a team and join in the fun!

 Saturday, February 23rd: Hog Jog

  • Location: Downtown Edmond
  • Time: Registration begins at 8am
    • Get people to sign up for the Hog Jog under YOUR Royalty group’s name! This goes toward your TOTAL!!! Also, you can sell SW Merch at this event. 

Sunday, February 24th: Swine Zone (3 on 3 Basketball)

  • Location: Cimarron Middle School
  • Time: 2pm-5pm
    • Form a team and/or, once again, sell piggy pastries, SW Merch, or water bottles.

 March 2019

Saturday, March 2nd: Golf Tournament

  • Location: TBD
  • Time: Registration begins at 9am
    • ** Reference Golf sheet for MANDATORY Requirements ** 

Saturday, March 9th: HAMazing Race

  • Location: Freshman Academy
  • Time: 9am-12pm
    • Form a team with your friends and get the school excited about this event. 

Saturday, March 9th: Spirit Clinic

  • Location: Dog House (cheer and pom room)
  • Time: 10am-1pm
    • If you have any younger sisters or cousins, we encourage you to get these little girls to sign up for this event!


  • YAY!!!! Swine Week is here and we are so thankful for all of your efforts so far!!
  • All we ask is for your continued involvement and enthusiasm for BGC, Swine Week, and our school!!!
  • We encourage you to sell piggy pastries, water bottles, SW Merch, and anything that may seem fitting for each event. 

Sunday, March 10th: Decoration Day!!!!!

** This is a MANDATORY Event!!! You are Required to be at the school ALL day. But do not worry… it is a PIGtastic time!!!! ** 

Monday, March 11th: First Assembly

  • ** Royalty will be released early from class every assembly, to help set up and raise $$ at the entrances**
  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: 8:40am 

Monday, March 11th: Mangent

  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: 6pm-8pm 

Tuesday, March 12th: Teacher vs. Student Assembly

  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: 9:35am

 Tuesday, March 12th: Swinal Tap

  • Location: Lower Commons
  • Time: 6pm-9pm 

Wednesday, March 13th: Techno Assembly

  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: 12:30pm 

Wednesday, March 13th: Techno Dance

  • Location: Lower Commons
  • Time: 6pm-9pm 

Thursday, March 14th: Assembly Theme TBD

  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: 1:30pm 

Thursday, March 14th: Decorating School

  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: After school
    • ** You all are REQUIRED to come and help finish decorating the gym. You will pick up your Royalty shirts and meet with Sophie to discuss your individual totals!!** 

Friday, March 15: Final Assembly !!!

  • Location: Main Gym
  • Time: 1:30pm