2019 Swible

Swine Week would not be possible without your help! Each one of these events is MANDATORY as well as the cleanup! Let’s make them all a success so we can bless Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County beyond their expectation! We appreciate all of you!


  • Raise $2,000
  • Sell 4 auction items
  • 2 auction items ($100 value each or greater)
  • 2 kids for the Pom Clinic
  • 4 Hog Jog runners
  • 1 gold sponsor and 1 team
  • Positivity
  • You must be at every listed event to set up, run the event, and clean up

Mandatory Events

Set up and clean up is mandatory! Please plan accordingly for this and be aware we will be required to be at the event early and stay late. If you are absolutely not able to attend an event, you MUST tell the Swine Week Chairs and Lovett beforehand!